What is BattleGround?

We chose the name BattleGround because we are constantly fighting an invisible battle everyday whether we realize it or not. Unfortunately, there is physical violence all around us and it seems that we are fighting the WRONG ENEMY! You will see the scripture Ephesians 6:12-13 on a lot of our products and that's to serve as a reminder of who our enemy really is.BattleGround is more than just an apparel brand. Our goal is to ultimately bring glory to God and lift the name of Jesus! We do that by inserting ourselves in our local community through different events and offering scholarships. Our flagship event is The BattleGround Conference. We teach our community about life, finances, spiritual growth, and more! There has already been major impacts in the lives of the people we touch but we want to spread our message. The apparel brand is built to do just that by offering a way to multiply what BattleGround stands for. Spiritual Warfare, Worldly Peace is more than just a design on a t-shirt, Its the foundation of our movement. If you're ready to enter the fight against the devil and his followers, and lift the name of Jesus, then join us on the BattleGround!

Applications are closed

Thank you for your interest in our scholarship! Stay tuned for next year's scholarship because we are adding a few features to help more people!